Using Azure Functions for Exchange Online  | Practical365

This post discusses using Azure Functions for Exchange Online operations, which can be triggered by different events such as queue, timer, event grid, and HTTP. It explains why Azure Functions can be a better option than Exchange Online PowerShell for certain scenarios, and provides a walkthrough of creating a function to retrieve mailbox permissions. The post also covers limitations of Azure Functions and provides information on upcoming conferences where the topic will be discussed in more detail.

Microsoft releases new free Windows 11 virtual machines - Neowin

Microsoft has released a new set of Windows 11-based virtual machines for free download, called the Windows 11 Development Environment, which includes Windows 11 Enterprise and developer tools such as Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition and Windows Subsystem for Linux 2. The virtual machines are available in four formats and are valid for 90 days. The Windows 11 Development Environment is x86-only and does not support activation with a product key.